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IMC-2019 Presentation 41:50 Minutes

by Ricky Smith, World Class Maintenance

When an organization clearly defines roles and responsibilities, everyone gets on the same page and seeming the same vision how we work together as a team. Use the analogy that having everyone working together is like pulling an elephant. So how does one pull an elephant? By aligning everyone’s thinking so that we work together toward a common goal.

An example is when there is an organization that has a maintenance issue, such as breakdowns are high, employee morale is bad, and people seem to be blaming everyone else and possibly maintenance cost as a percentage of replacement of asset value is high (international standard for maintenance effectiveness).

Defining and clarifying roles and responsibilities for any organization can be difficult when no one truly understands who is responsible (the doer), who is accountable (the buck stops here), who is consulted (two-way communication) and who is informed (one-way communication (no reply required). Clearly defining roles and responsibilities brings calm to what may seem like confusion and misunderstanding in most organization. Whether you are in the U.S. military, industrial maintenance, production or any organization, one must have clear roles and responsibilities defined and understood by all.

How do you know if need to clarify roles and responsibilities? This is simple, when you hear statements like the following, maybe you need to define them:

  • It is not my job.
  • I did not know I was responsible for that.
  • I am not involved in that decision.
  • Everyone is accountable.

In this presentation, you will learn step-by-step how to define roles and responsibilities using a simple process. Once you have seen how this works and there is a process to follow to create one life to change in your organization forever. You can throw away the excuse list because there will be no more excuses required, everyone will work in harmony.

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