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Enough is Enough: Maintenance Hiring Managers!

IMC-2020 Presentation 44:07 Minutes

by Joel Crawford, i-Care Reliability

We know in the ideal world of finding your next maintenance team hire, you want the candidate to show job stability, have the exact experience your site needs, and that you will not consider applicants that are “job hoppers.” Let’s jump back into the reality of the current state of the maintenance and reliability candidate pool.

Some call this “old guard” hiring requirements. With the current skills crisis here in the U.S. for skilled workers, there is a very relevant generational component that is slowing down the progress for organizations to attract and retain needed talent. Many hiring managers today have “informal” hiring requirements, which translates to vital Maintenance and Reliability openings being open for extended periods of time.

This session will outline challenges that all organizations are seeing in the market in regard to hiring, and review remedies on how a changed approach will shift results towards better hiring and retainment goals. We will discuss 3 immediate activity items all organizations can do now to ensure better results, and to start that cultural journey towards attracting and retaining available candidates in the market.

  1. The HR and M/R Hiring Managers alignment on approaching the market. Setting the right candidate experience will push to more “word of mouth” referrals if it is positive. We will review activity items that can be done to ensure full team alignment between HR and M/R leaders.
  2. “Old Guard” hiring requirements. What are signs that this occurring in your organization? We will discuss how to identify and also when to address these items in what steps of the hiring process in an organization
  3. It is easy to give up efforts. Why do hiring goals seems unachievable? There are so many factors that can be outlined on why this happens. We are going to discuss strategies on not using these items as excuses, and how to turn these factors around towards overachieving hiring goals
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