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Human Capital Management:  An Uptime Element, Not an HR Program

Human Capital Management:  An Uptime Element, Not an HR Program

TRC-2018 Learning Zone 29:28
by Sean Mullan, 3M

As Reliability professionals, we need to rely on our Human Resources Departments as business partners. But at the end of the day, WE are responsible for managing our Human Capital. Do you have a strategy to manage human capital in your maintenance organization? Can you clearly articulate this strategy? How has the skills gap affected your organization and what are you doing to overcome the skills gap? Are you ready for the “Silver Tsunami”, and have you established clear plans for succession? Defining a career pathway in a Reliability and Maintenance organization helps ensure the health of that organization. The pathway must be clear and it starts with educating and developing the talent pool. Having an employment branding strategy helps target and attract the best talent. Assessing the talent pool and the current workforce ensures the right candidates are hired, and defines internal opportunities for training. Establishment of a progression system for technicians improves retention and engagement of employees. This presentation will describe key factors and tactics that together define one strategy for effective Human Capital Management.

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