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Reliability Leadership: How to Engage People in the Culture of Reliability

TRC-2018 Learning Zone 47:20
by Luis Alberto Tilleria, Schlumberger SPM Shaya

In the industry it is intended to implement the Asset Management Strategies supported by Reliability Engineering. One of the biggest challenges in implementing complex methodologies is the difficult task of convincing people to win adherents, obtain the support and commitment of the personnel involved in the area of production, maintenance and projects, as well as the senior executives of the organization. It is important to demonstrate that Reliability Engineering contributes to reduce operational risk, improve decision-making and increases environmental care and safety to people, as well as, sustainability, productivity, and profitability of processes. It is required that not only a strategic and technical implementation plan be drawn up, but this strategic plan must also contain a marketing, training, and communications plan for the staff. In this presentation, we will demonstrate, with practical and complex examples, how these methodologies are helping staff get involved to support the implementation of the Reliability Engineering Management. By showing how these complex techniques can improve the quality of life in the workforce, increase the profitability of the process and contribute to the improvement of safety in the environment, this presentation will demonstrate how to obtain the necessary support to achieve the success of these Asset Management programs.

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