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Women in the 21st Century Workplace: The Empowerment of Women into Leadership Roles

Women in the 21st Century Workplace: The Empowerment of Women into Leadership Roles

IMC-2019 Presentation 34:19 Minutes

by Joanne Principe and Janice Roberson, Purposeful Coaching

The presentation aims to foster business excellence for women by building awareness of the essential skills and knowledge base necessary for professional women to excel and advance into leadership positions. Practical techniques will be discussed as to how women can build their influence and power as well as what are the skills, they need to acquire. These methods will serve as a guide that will enable them to lead and inspire people while simultaneously fostering their visibility in the workplace.

In a male-dominated industry, women are continuously being overlooked for leadership roles due to many assumptions, lack of exposure, and poor mentoring. It is time for women to self-manage their careers instead of waiting for others around them to recognize their value. They must incorporate building self-awareness and establishing their personal development plans that will help them strive towards their dreams. Organizations must begin to take actions steps to highlight one of the greatest assets within their workforce population. It is not enough to simply host single annual events, such as Women’s History Month (April). On the other hand, the expansion of engagement programs is immensely needed to support the upward mobility of women.

This presentation will focus on women’s leadership competencies:

  • Establishing your leadership voice;
  • Crafting a compelling message;
  • Communicating a strategic direction;
  • Leading their team to greater success;
  • Becoming a strategic thinker and negotiator; and
  • Adding value to their organization by identifying a niche area.

Organizational executives will leave this session with an overarching understanding of the preliminary steps that they need to initiate to begin growing women into business leaders.

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