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Reliability Radio EP 254: Melissa Ruth, WIRAM

Reliability Radio EP 254: Melissa Ruth, WIRAM

Melissa Ruth discusses her work with the WIRAM organization and how diversity is a tapestry that goes beyond just what the eye can see.

Women in the 21st Century Workplace: The Empowerment of Women into Leadership Roles

Women in the 21st Century Workplace: The Empowerment of Women into Leadership Roles

The presentation aims to foster business excellence for women by building awareness of the essential skills and knowledge base necessary for professional women to excel and advance into leadership positions.

Why Reliability Transformations Fail

Why Reliability Transformations Fail

Reliability transformations call for significant investments in capability, process, and supporting tools and enablers. Despite significant investment, many reliability transformations fail when no clear roadmap exists. Should a roadmap exist, organizations often waver on their commitment to value management and longer-term vision for transformation sustainment. A proactive approach to your reliability journey should begin with sustainability.

​Reliabilityweb Welcomes Aquitas Solutions as New Advocate, Announces Mia Hewett as WIRAM Speaker

[Fort Myers, Florida, 6/14/2019 ]® and the Association of Asset Management Professionals are pleased to announce that Aquitas Solutions has signed on as an advocate for Women in Reliability and Asset Management (WIRAM) and that Mia Hewett will be the WIRAM speaker at MaximoWorld-2019.

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Wiram Leadership Conference

Wiram Leadership Conference

Solutions LIVE streaming leadership conference kicked off its first event June 26th. Sponsored by Women in Reliability and Asset Management (WIRAM), the event featured presentations from women leading the way in reliability and asset management not only in their companies, but the industry, as well. 

Guest speakers were: Amy Lindblom, Sound Transit; Vestanna McGuinnan, Mars; Laura Phillips, Herbalife; Natalie McMillen, Intel Corporation; Carmen Romero, Bristol-Myers Squibb; Gretchen Gallagher, Interloc; and Jennifer MacKay, Boeing.

These no travel events allow companies and teams to view together, interactively, in work groups without leaving the office. Stay tuned for future dates and times!