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Doral, FL

LUDECA, INC. is an MSAT Endorsed Provider

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LUDECA is a leading provider of Predictive and Proactive Maintenance Solutions including laser alignment, ultrasound testing, vibration analysis and balancing equipment as well as related software, rentals, services and training.

LUDECA is an approved Reliability Leadership Institute (RLI) Mapped Services and Training (MSAT) Provider. As such LUDECA provides training and services aligned with the Reliabilityweb Uptime Elements for the Alignment/Balancing (A/B) domain under Asset Condition Management (ACM). Their 3 & 4-day Shaft Alignment Courses and their 3-day Balancing Course are mapped to the UPTIME® ELEMENTS™

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LUDECA Certified Reliability Leaders

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Adam Stredel Cory Grant Matt Hadad
Alan Luedeking Daus Studenberg Mickey Harp
Alex Nino Dave Leach Mike Fitch
Ana Maria Delgado Frank Seidenthal Oliver Gibbs
Bernd Seidenthal Gary James Pedro Casanova
Brad Segreto Karl Hoffower Steve Lochard
Carlos Bienes Mario Rostran Tim Rogers
Chris Greene Mark Homes  


1425 NW 88th Avenue
Doral, FL 33172
Phone: +1 (305) 591-8935