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PlantQuest revolutionizes the operations of many of the worlds leading life science and process-intensive facility. PlantQuest creates a visual representation of your site, enabling managers, teams, and contractors across all disciplines to access and analyze critical information for their daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. Our intuitive, user-friendly interface delivers a Google Maps-like experience empowering informed decision-making and insights in areas such as operations, maintenance, facilities, on-boarding, production, alarm response and EHS.Optimized for both greenfield and brownfield facilities, PlantQuest serves as a comprehensive solution for your global facility portfolio. Featuring a modern cloud-based architecture, PlantQuest is designed from an integration-first perspective, can be rapidly deployed to users across your facility, and is accessible via desktop, tablet, or SDK.

About the Company

The PlantQuest team boasts decades of experience in designing, constructing, commissioning, and operating Life Science, Medical Device, Chemical and other large manufacturing industries. Globally deployed across some of the world’s largest life science companies and facilities, the modular PlantQuest offering integrates seamlessly into various tasks and workflows experienced throughout your facility, reducing costs, increasing output, and enhancing safety.“The PlantQuest system has become integral to my role” Maintenance Manager Pharma Facility“We have not had an unnecessary evacuation sense adopting PlantQuest over two years ago" - ERT Lead Pharma Facility“PlantQuest provides insights into your facility's operations that you need to make safer, quicker, and more efficient decisions” - Medical Device Manufacturing Facility

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