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Sustainable Asset Management

In an era of climate change operating sustainability is a business imperative.

Complex Troubleshooting

When dealing with Complex Troubleshooting, why do we limit ourselves to a “siloed” way of trying to solve the problem.

Leveraging Spot Within Your Maintenance Operations

Find out what is possible, from a vision to reality, in asset condition management with SPOT as an autonomous dynamic sensor. Real life use case with Anheuser-Busch InBev and Boston Dynamics.

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Uptime Award Winner: Asset Management: Connecting Stakeholders for Better Tomorrow

Central San’s asset management journey is synonymous with continuous improvement. We strive to continually improve the reliability of our wastewater services and meet strategic goals by identifying, prioritizing, and addressing the inefficiencies in our processes and practices.

Using Asset Prioritization to Identify What Type of Maintenance is Needed

The Asset Prioritization identifies Critical Assets in regards to Safety, Environmental Stewardship, Environmental Compliance, Operational, Reputational and Financial Consequences.

Regenerative Reliability Leadership

Terrence O'Hanlon invites you to stand in the question and be open to a new mental model.

SDIPF Reliability Curve

The SDIPF Curve is a visualization that attempts to graphically "bend time" to the benefit of investing in and applying reliability efforts by showing a lifetime snapshot of the asset over time.

Welcome to IMC

IMC brings you the world's best run companies for the best conference yet. IMC is a TEAM EVENT, we invite you to bring your Directors, managers, decision makers, and colleagues. With your team there the event will have a higher impact on your organization moving forward.

0-75 MPH: Fast-Tracking a Solid Foundation for the Journey to World Class

Salem and Beverly Water Supply Board embarked on a mission to set baseline tactics that would set the foundation to aid in reaching their world-class vision: “Be a world-class water utility driven by teamwork and operational excellence.”

The Revamped Reliability Journey at 3M

Sustainability is at the core of what we do at 3M. We are committed to improving our business, our planet and every life.

Why Is Positive Influence (PI) Leadership So Important?

In this session, we discuss the characteristics and behavioral traits of leaders who are a positive influence on the people they work within an organization.

A Glimpse into the Future for Enterprise Asset Management and Asset Performance Management

Terrence O'Hanlon and Kevin Price have an unscripted conversation. Take a look at what has been done and what is possible.

Don't Let Your Assets Manage You: A Global Design for Reliability Story

Physical assets (equipment, systems, etc.) continue to challenge our sites from executing flawlessly and from achieving maximum asset performance/potential.

Beyond Performance 2.0

The pace and complexity of change is greater today than it has ever been and remains critical to manage the organizational change with the same rigor as technical change.

Right 4 Build and Fabricate for Reliability: The 10 Rights of Asset Management

Bathtub curve, Infant mortality - major reasons for high infant mortality of assets is poor work practices and use of defective parts at the start.
Author of the 10 Rights of Asset Management Ramesh Gulati speaks on the 4th Right and why it is important. 3:46 Minutes

Right 1 Specify for Reliability [SfR]: The 10 Rights of Asset Management

"This is not what I wanted." Right 1 is critical. 8:45 Minutes. What are the 10 Rights of Asset Management? Ramesh Gulati presents the first Right, Specify.

Designing for Reliability

An Introduction to a Common Sense Strategy

This presentation will provide a framework for mapping operational excellence into the capital projects process and designing for reliability, reviewing operational excellence principles with a view on how to integrate those principles in the design and capital projects process, providing for reliability and availability, ease of operation and ease of maintenance.