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The Stand - Jonah Harms

Welcome to another insightful episode of 'The Stand,' where we bring you the latest in asset management and reliability strategies. Today, we have the pleasure of hosting Jonah Harms, an expert in the wastewater treatment industry, to discuss the criticality analysis journey of his organization.

Jonah dives into their current project, emphasizing how they started with smaller plants and are now gearing up to tackle their main plant. This endeavor isn't just about the analysis; it's about fostering a culture of collaboration. Jonah explains how they've built a robust cross-functional team, including members from operations, maintenance, instrumentation, programming, and controls, to ensure every perspective is heard.

One key takeaway from Jonah's experience is the adoption of a simplified methodology from a fellow utility, which has been crucial in keeping staff engaged. They execute the analysis in Excel, seamlessly integrating it into their Maximo® CMMS for comprehensive data management. This approach has allowed them to pinpoint critical areas and focus their maintenance efforts more effectively.

Jonah also touches on the broader impacts of their work, highlighting how this data-driven strategy not only enhances reliability but also boosts environmental and safety outcomes. By proactively addressing potential failures, they aim to avoid costly and dangerous incidents.

For those of you in the audience grappling with criticality analysis or just starting, Jonah's advice is invaluable. He stresses the importance of organization and leveraging industry networks to find a methodology that fits.

Don't miss this episode as Jonah Harms shares practical insights and strategies that can help streamline your criticality analysis and improve your asset management outcomes.

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