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Digital twin leader Willow chooses Reekoh for industrial data integration at scale

Industrial  IoT integration Cloud

Industrial IoT integration Cloud


Willow, a leader in digital twin technology, has adopted Reekoh as their preferred industrial data integration platform to streamline the acquisition and utilisation of fragmented data within customer organisations.

The two companies have been working since last year to align technologies, security, and delivery models, culminating in an enterprise agreement that will see the Reekoh Industrial Integration Cloud utilised by Willow’s integration teams to deliver rapid, repeatable, and scalable data integration.

Willow’s platform, WillowTwin™ provides a digital replica of a built asset’s physical infrastructure, as well as giving owners and operators the ability to compare, analyze, protect, and manage multiple assets in a single view. The data intelligence and analytic capability within WillowTwin™ allows owners and operators to derive powerful insights to make data-led decisions, drive operational efficiencies, improve occupant/tenant/passenger experience and shape future asset management strategies. Willow’s digital twin platform, has been deployed to a globally, with notable projects across Heavy Haul Rail, Passenger Rail, Commercial Real Estate, Aviation and Mining.

“At Willow we’re seeking to provide a single source of truth to owners, and that means mapping the relationship between asset data, static data and live data,” said Ben Baker, VP of Product at Willow. “Reekoh is supporting this objective by connecting operational systems and IT systems, enabling us to collect and funnel data into our platform in a fast and seamless way”

For Reekoh, the opportunity to work with Willow and provide a solution for the industrial data integration challenges they faced was validation of the global need for solutions to this ever-growing problem. Reekoh CEO and Founder Dale Rankine and CTO Aaron Watkins worked closely with the Willow team to prove Reekoh as an ideal solution to both their technical and business requirements.

“What we often find when speaking with customers is assuming that the technology works, it’s very much about ‘how’ integration can be achieved at scale and in compliance with the customer’s security profile and business processes. These are incredibly important aspects of adopting an integration solution, so it’s important that the solution can be delivered, supported and scaled in a way that meets those business requirements,” said Rankine.

He added,

“The Willow team had really done their homework on what they were looking for and had a rigorous due diligence process for us to go through which is great. Once we got into it, it became pretty clear that what Reekoh can provide goes beyond just great tech – our team, delivery models and vision for expansion resonated strongly with Willow and we’re all very excited about what we’re going to achieve together.”

Willow’s first integration solutions using the Reekoh platform are live in production in WillowTwin™ Marketplace, with a solid backlog of integrations already being scheduled for the remainder of 2022.

About Reekoh
Reekoh is the Industrial Integration Cloud; an award-winning integration platform and toolkit that removes time, cost and risk from industrial transformation. Reekoh delivers agile, low-code data integration between all physical (OT, IoT, IIoT) and digital assets (IT) across a wide range of industry segments (Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Energy and more) to accelerate digital maturity of enterprise customers.

About Willow
Willow is the digital twin for the built world. Through our software, Willow creates a digital replica of a built asset, that collects and aggregates data into a “twin”. Through this approach, Willow enables the owners and operators of major portfolios and infrastructure to make smarter, more proactive, and data-led decisions. By providing data-driven insights, Willow empowers users to manage with greater efficiency, drive operational improvements at scale and provide their occupants with an enhanced and more connected experience. Willow is a global technology company with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Toronto, Seattle, New York, Dallas, London, Amersfoort, and Manila.

WillowTwin™ Marketplace
WillowTwin™ provides real estate portfolio and infrastructure network owners access to a Marketplace of applications to serve a variety of use cases, from Design & Construction to Smart Maintenance, Tenant Experience and more. Willow Marketplace allows owners, managers, and occupiers to deploy the latest smart building technology onto their assets, without the need for time-consuming and costly integrations. Through Marketplace, owners can integrate multiple applications across their entire portfolio or network, without the need for time-consuming and costly integrations, and with complete control over how their data is accessed, managed, and recorded. As an open innovation platform, we also enable start-ups and third-party vendors to innovate new applications to better serve suppliers, builders, owners, operators, and users, marketing their solutions to the world’s largest portfolios through Willow.

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