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Supporting Uptime Elements with Asset Performance Software Solutions

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Asset Lifecycle Information Management (ALIM) is the cornerstone of change, be it across assets, documents, networks, data, and much more. AssetWise provides structured control of asset and related engineering information, improving overall accessibility, quality, integrity, and relevance of asset data across the asset lifecycle.

ALIM services are supported by Bentley's unique visual operations capabilities, including immersive operations that provide both reality models and additional context within your operation, allowing access to asset information from either a model-centric or data-centric point of view, allowing you to work in an asset-centric environment. It covers:

  • Asset Registry and Tag Management
  • Spatial and Linear Networks Management
  • Configuration and Change Management
  • Document and Records Management
  • Access to information within reality models


ALIM Data Sheet

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ALIM for Linear Networks

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Case Studies:

Volgogradnefteproekt reduces annual Operations Costs

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Suncor saves millions of dolars with information integration

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Going Digital

Going Digital

Just when you thought you knew what "APM" stood for, there's a new "M" in town: Modeling! (And, of course, "M" is for Maximo, which is why...

Digital Twin Advancements for Asset Performance

Digital Twin Advancements for Asset Performance

What is a Digital Twin? How do you work with the Digital Twin? How are Digital Twins being used now to make the world work...

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U.S. Navy Takes Falkonry AI to the High Seas for Increased Equipment Reliability and Performance

Falkonry AI application called Insight takes automated, structured high-speed anomaly detection to the edge leveraging Oracle Edge Infrastructure and NVIDIA Accelerated Computing

ABS Consulting and Itus Digital Partner to Deliver Optimized Asset Performance Management

Alliance offers clients a blueprint to operationalize reliability strategy and implement best practices through the Itus Digital platform

Capgemini and Microsoft collaborate to offer cloud-native digital twin solution

This secure, highly scalable platform will leverage best-in-class architecture and technological components from the Azure suite to help transform an organization’s operations and maintenance efficiency, enabling intelligent industry and driving sustainable business value.

Des-Case Continues to Lead the Desiccant Breather Space With Launch of Its High-Capacity Breather Made Possible by COLORASSIST Technology

The High-Capacity Breather made possible by COLORASSIST™ Technology uses the highest capacity desiccant available to deliver the longest-lasting breather, extending service life by 30% and lowering the cost of ownership. Its proprietary COLORASSIST™ enhanced color indicator is located on the breather wall versus the silica itself for improved in-use visibility to accurately gauge remaining life and diagnose the source of moisture more clearly.

EtaPRO Asset Performance & Condition Monitoring Software Implemented at the Pathua Geothermal Power Plant

EtaPRO uses IoT and AI technologies, including predictive failure diagnosis and performance monitoring, to optimize GDE’s plant performance.

Vitens improves pump energy efficiency together with Samotics

Samotics' SAM4 Energy system was used to continuously monitor all of the industrial pumps at a one of Vitens’ key drinking water production and distribution facilities.

By performing this pilot, the efficiency of a Vitens pump station was improved by more than 7%.

Voice-Controlled Thermal Camera

RealWear Launches World’s First Hands-Free, Voice-Controlled Thermal Camera

RealWear’s innovative Thermal Camera module connects seamlessly with RealWear NavigatorTM Series headsets, includes radiometric FLIR Lepton® and is the only device that supports MSX® technology to enable frontline industrial professionals to conduct inspections, enhance remote support sessions and avoid equipment downtime using simple voice commands