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 What’s Next for Asset Condition Management?
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In Maintenance and Engineering circles, we have been talking about the same things around asset condition monitoring for many years.

Things like:

  • Set up the Program.
  • Decide which Condition Monitoring tools to use.
  • Assign the respective tools to the appropriate Critical Equipment.
  • Train the technicians properly.
  • Set expectations for Certification and results.
  • Etc...

What is different today?

It is the information age. We not only expect to get information from work orders and 1 or 2 chosen Condition Monitoring tools, we also are looking for all asset information.

Things like:

  • ambient temperature
  • humidity
  • condensation
  • altitude
  • type of environment
  • soil, air, water, frozen, hot, etc..

We can expect to see trending, patterning, and machine intelligence formulas being created, to give us faster insight for more precision failure calls.This information will come faster and more consistent, in the near future. In addition to the aggregation of multiple streams of data, we will see more and more live health meters, linked to critical assets.

Tip provided by
Dave Reiber CRL / CMRP
Senior Reliability Leader
Uptime Magazine

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