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Actionable Insight: How IoT Is Best Leveraged within Your CMMS/EAM Platform

Webinar: It’s all about the data. This session will address how integrating your IoT sensor data to your CMMS/EAM platform will see a significant return on investment. 

Capturing sensor data, tied to your asset management system, enables you to establish clear response criteria, documentation and trending over time as well as the necessary insight to inform decision making. The largest opportunity is the shift from an interval or a time-based PM program to a predictive/meter-based one, realizing savings through timely PM efforts and condition driven response. The focus of this session will be to highlight the need for an IoT platform that is device and gateway agnostic, allowing you to seamlessly integrate your sensor data to your asset management system. JFC & Associates has developed a solution to address this issue and will highlight how CONNEX enables organizations to quickly and efficiently implement IoT sensors on their assets with a focus on scalability.

Host: Terrence O'Hanlon, CEO,

Presenter: John Gould, Director of Enterprise Asset Management Services, JFC & Associates

Moderator: Bill Thompson, Director - Sales & Marketing, JFC & Associates

Webinar Series: IoT Alignment with the Uptime Elements - Session 3 (4 Session Series)

Session #1: The Criticality of IoT Alignment with the Uptime Elements (click to view)

Session #2: The Immediate Impact of Asset Condition Monitoring and IoT (click to view)

Session #4: IoT & Risk: Utilization of IoT Strategies to Address Risk Management (click to view)

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