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The Criticality of IoT Alignment with the Uptime Elements

The Criticality of IoT Alignment with the Uptime Elements

Webinar: This session will provide an overview for how IoT can enable organizations to leverage leading practice adoption of the Uptime Elements in your organization. The three main areas where IoT can act as the catalyst to aid in the adoption of critical components of the Uptime Elements:

  • Asset Condition Monitoring;
  • CMMS Alignment;
  • Risk Management.

The focus of this session will be to understand how IoT can act as an enablement tool, highlighting how JFC & Associates has developed an end-to-end IoT solution called CONNEX to help your organization achieve success in the area of IoT adoption and asset management leading practices.

Host: Terrence O'Hanlon, CEO,

Presenter: John Gould, Director of Enterprise Asset Management Services, JFC & Associates

Moderator: Bill Thompson, Director - Sales & Marketing, JFC & Associates

Webinar Series: IoT Alignment with the Uptime ElementsSession 1 (4 Session Series)

Session #2: The Immediate Impact of Asset Condition Monitoring and IoT (click to view)

Session #3: Actionable Insight: How IoT Is Best Leveraged within Your CMMS/EAM Platform (click to view)

Session #4: IoT & Risk: Utilization of IoT Strategies to Address Risk Management (click to view)

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