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The Immediate Impact of Asset Condition Monitoring and IoT

Webinar: Understanding what assets you have under management, their operating context and the focus on meaningful data, this session will look to explore the variety of different benefits of condition monitoring with IoT. While many organizations leverage BMS and SCADA systems to monitor their assets, IoT solutions take things a step further, allowing organizations the ability to create an ecosystem of adaptability. 

The focus of this session will be to explore several of the different condition monitoring solutions available in the IoT landscape as well as highlight JFC & Associates CONNEX solution, providing the ability to monitor and manage what ‘keeps your maintenance and operations people up at night.’

Host: Terrence O'Hanlon, CEO,

Presenter: John Gould, Director of Enterprise Asset Management Services, JFC & Associates

Moderator: Bill Thompson, Director - Sales & Marketing, JFC & Associates

Webinar Series: IoT Alignment with the Uptime Elements - Session 2 (4 Session Series)

Session #1: The Criticality of IoT Alignment with the Uptime Elements (click to view)

Session #3: Actionable Insight: How IoT Is Best Leveraged within Your CMMS/EAM Platform (click to view)

Session #4: IoT & Risk: Utilization of IoT Strategies to Address Risk Management (click to view)

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