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IoT & Risk: Utilization of IoT Strategies to Address Risk Management

Webinar: There is a paradigm shift from ‘preventing failures’ to that of ‘preventing the consequence of failure.’ This session will provide insight into the area of risk management and how IoT can look to address the four ‘T’s’ of risk. 

With the focus on preventing the consequences of failure, we will explore use cases and examples where IoT sensors have allowed organizations to more effectively manage their risk and, in many cases, eliminate it entirely. The focus of this session will be on the alignment of IoT as a tool to manage risk in your organization. JFC & Associates has developed an IoT solution in CONNEX that enables organizations to have the necessary insight, notification and risk based response criteria established, providing our clients with a tool to more effectively manage the consequences of failure within the asset portfolio.

Host: Terrence O'Hanlon, CEO,

Presenter: John Gould, Director of Enterprise Asset Management Services, JFC & Associates

Moderator: Bill Thompson, Director - Sales & Marketing, JFC & Associates

Webinar Series: IoT Alignment with the Uptime Elements - Session 4 (4 Session Series)

Session #1: The Criticality of IoT Alignment with the Uptime Elements (click to view)

Session #2: The Immediate Impact of Asset Condition Monitoring and IoT (click to view)

Session #3: Actionable Insight: How IoT Is Best Leveraged within Your CMMS/EAM Platform (click to view)

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