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Training: Where the Rubber Meets the Road

IMC-2016 Maximo Learning Zone 32:44
by Jill Owen, General Motors

Training is one of the key components of success for any company. You can have the best maintenance system in place but if your user community doesn’t understand how to use it, you are doomed to fail. Therefore, it is imperative to understand what business problem you are trying to solve, the importance of training the users to support the maintenance strategy, and how to monitor that the training was successful while focusing on developing an environment of continuous learning. At General Motors, we have faced many obstacles in developing a training strategy for Maximo that aligns with our Global Maintenance Strategy. We have developed different methods of training over time to provide our plants the best chance to be successful. This session will provide insight on how General Motors develops training, what methods we use to deliver the material, how we track progress, and encourage feedback.

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