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Oil Analysis Sensors and Their Application at an Industrial Scale

Without realizing it, we have entered a loop where everything that is not sensitized, does not have an updated added value, it tends to be considered obsolete, and probably an opportunity to be "sensitized." The field of the industrial lubrication is not far from the world of sensors.

How to Cost-Justify a Lubrication Program

In this presentation, you will learn how to confidently justify cost, explain and defend your lubrication project. You’ll also learn how to calculate lubrication program ROI, stop lubrication program budgets from getting slashed, and help management understand the impact of an effective lubrication program on maintenance and reliability.

Fluid Analysis: The Gift of Time

Though applicable to any fluid analysis (Fa) program, this presentation is primarily aimed at the industrial market, i.e., plants and related installations of stationary, lubricated assets, where vibration analysis (Vib) is routinely employed for condition monitoring (CM) and maintenance management.

Myths and Magic of Lubricating Oil Management in Rotating Machinery

This presentation will review some basic oil properties and bearing or gear clearance information. We will cover why varnish and particulates are critical concerns in rotating machinery. We will emphasize the importance of oil condition and it is just as important as machine condition.

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Watching Destructive Forces Instead of Chasing Impending Failures

It's well-known that the primary costs and losses in processing industries come from sudden failures of equipment. But, why is everyone looking for a digital solution for more precise failure forecasting?

Periodic Table of Infrared Thermography: Thermal Science

Having an infrared (IR) thermography framework provides a greater understanding of thermography, not just for the user of the cameras but for those who need to review IR reports to make business decisions.

Designing, Building, and Rebuilding Your ACM

Working under the authorization, commissioning, and funding from your committed executive sponsor can yield advancements not available without it

MAS Monitor: Capturing and Acting upon Asset Telemetry

Illuminate the use of features and functionality included in the IBM Maximo Application Suite (MAS), Monitor element.


As one of the fastest growing global asset management and reliability service companies, I-care Reliability Inc. is resetting the bar for service and technology in the condition monitoring services market.

ReliabilityTalk Coffee Break -How To Save Your Machines From Failure With A Portable Balancer

The statistics are indisputable: Over 50% of all faults and failures of machines and systems can be attributed directly or indirectly to unbalances in rotors.

ReliabilityTalk Coffee Break - Using CMS Software to Validate the “Is it Real?” Protection Alarms

If you are an Instrumentation Technician and want to learn more about how to troubleshoot alarm (and sensor) issues, this talk is for you!

Impact of Rewinding on Premium Efficiency Motors

This presentation addresses the test methods, methodology, test results and technical details of the 2019 rewind study.

Reliability Critical Motor Program

Challenges: One of the biggest challenges is being able to recognize, diagnose and remedy an evolving motor problem to prevent an unexpected catastrophic event.

An Analytic Toolbox for Optimizing Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) Decisions

Engineers and asset managers must make many difficult decisions, and this presentation addresses one of them: the maintenance tactic of condition-based maintenance (CBM). The problem now is an overabundance of information.

Oil Analysis 101

In this presentation, we will cover what fluid analysis is, and how you can strategically use it to make lubrication decisions and combat contamination.

Start-Up Process for CBM

Even though CBM technologies have been around for over 30 years, it is still very challenging to generate a ROI for owners who invested in them. This leads to frustration for both, factory and C-suite, and a negative reputation for CBM.

Vibration Analysis Program Assessment: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly…Lessons Learned

This presentation will focus on the process for assessing an asset condition management program using a recent vibration analysis program assessment as a template. 

Stop Guessing About Your Equipment Torsional Issues and Measure the Problems Directly

Torsional transmission issues can often be the cause of mechanical failures in rotating equipment. Torsional related failures can be caused by excessive peak torque loads and torsional resonances.

Periodic Inspection, Continuous Condition Monitoring or APM 4.0?

Proactive maintenance is subdivided in preventive time based (calendar or running time) and asset condition-based maintenance. Condition based maintenance (CBM) involves monitoring the condition of assets in order to predict failures before they occur.