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TARGET SKILLS, the schedule management specialist, is expanding internationally

Schedule management
Target Skills

PlanningPME is already used by more than 5,000 customers worldwide such as SMEs and large groups. It provides an answer to the schedule management problems encountered daily in companies: planning of human and material resources, tasks, interventions, appointments, projects, work sites, absences etc. Fully configurable and very general, the schedule is an essential communication tool that allows you to be more reactive and productive.

"In any company, the schedule has become an essential communication tool at the heart of the business. It is a vector for better day-to-day organisation, it allows us to know the occupation of each person, to have an overall view of the projects or work in progress and to use very detailed indicators to monitor performance. At Target Skills, it is also by keeping an eye on technological advances that we can remain innovative and offer tools that are always at the cutting edge in terms of performance and data security," says Hervé KOPYTO, Manager of Target Skills.

The strength of PlanningPME lies in its flexibility of customisation: terms used, colours, additional fields, user rights etc. Everything can be customised at will so that the schedule adapts to the customer's business.

PlanningPME is available in desktop and web versions making it perfectly compatible for use on smartphones and tablets for mobile staff such as sales people, technicians or service people who need to have access to their schedule at any time. Another strong point of the product is the numerous possible integrations with tools such as Sage, Power BI, Excel, Outlook, Google Calendar and many others; and a dedicated API for easy programming of synchronisations and integrations. Target Skills offers a 30-day free demo.

TARGET SKILLS has a network of qualified retailers in many countries. Most of them are part of the company's success story. They are a source of proposals because, depending on the country, new customer requests arise and it is up to TARGET SKILLS to work with them to come up with new ideas to meet the needs expressed. PlanningPME software is present in the United States and Canada.

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