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Apollo Associated Services Announces 2011 RCA Public Seminar Training Schedule

In the two-day “RCA for Practitioners” course, attendees obtain the knowledge and skills needed to lead an Apollo root cause analysis. This course examines many of the common pitfalls used in problem solving and how to avoid them.  Students learn how to clearly define any event-based problem; the principles of gathering evidence; interviewing and facilitating an Apollo RCA with a team of participants; and how to use the Apollo four-step process to develop a causal understanding of an event and identify effective solutions. Students learn how to use Apollo’s software to build cause and effect charts, prepare RCA reports and effectively communicate RCA findings. RCA skills and knowledge are reinforced with many “hands-on” exercises that allow students to apply the Apollo RCA method to real-world problems.

In the one-day “Super User” course, students learn how to align an Apollo RCA program with their organizational goals and objectives. Included are modules on advanced RCA facilitation techniques, how to effectively review practitioner’s RCAs, human error and driving behaviors, facilitator development, program payback, metrics, and program design/rollout.  The course will provide students with the knowledge necessary to effectively lead and implement an Apollo RCA program and develop highly skilled facilitators.

2011 Apollo RCA Public Seminar Schedule

1/11/11 - 1/12/11: RCA for Practitioners     Houston, TX
1/13/11 - 1/13/11: Super User Training Houston, TX
2/08/11 - 2/09/11: RCA for Practitioners     Addis, LA
2/15/11 - 2/16/11: RCA for Practitioners     Seattle, WA
2/17/11 - 2/17/11: Super User Training Seattle, WA
2/22/11 - 2/23/11: RCA for Practitioners     Denver, CO
3/01/11 - 3/02/11: RCA for Practitioners     San Diego, CA
3/22/11 - 3/23/11: RCA for Practitioners     Midland, MI
4/05/11 - 4/06/11: RCA for Practitioners     Boston, MA
4/07/11 - 4/07/11: Super User Training Boston, MA
4/19/11 - 4/20/11: RCA for Practitioners     Phoenix, AZ
5/10/11 - 5/11/11: RCA for Practitioners     Houston, TX
5/17/11 - 5/18/11: RCA for Practitioners     Seattle , WA
5/18/11 - 5/19/11: RCA for Practitioners     Addis, LA
6/01/11 - 6/02/11: RCA for Practitioners     Boston , MA
6/07/11 - 6/08/11: RCA for Practitioners     Midland, MI
7/12/11 - 7/13/11: RCA for Practitioners     Houston, TX
7/14/11 - 7/14/11: Super User       Houston, TX
7/19/11 - 7/20/11: RCA for Practitioners     Baltimore, MD
7/21/11 - 7/21/11: Super User       Baltimore, MD
8/02/11 - 8/03/11: RCA for Practitioners     Overland Park, KS
8/10/11 - 8/11/11: RCA for Practitioners     Addis, LA

For more information and to register, go to

About Apollo Associated Services

An innovator of root cause analysis training, consulting, software and investigation solutions for more than 20 years, Apollo Associated Services helps organizations worldwide attain leading positions in a competitive global market by achieving measurable results, including: cost reduction, throughput gains, time savings, quality improvement, injury reduction, improved regulatory compliance and reduction/elimination of day-to-day problems.

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