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SmartSignal Attributes Rapid Int’l Expansion to Surge in Demand for Predictive Analytics-Diagn

SmartSignal serves many of the world’s largest energy companies, including BC Hydro, Bruce Power, EDF R&D, Edipower, Electrabel (a division of GDF Suez), Gas Natural, GS Power, Hovensa LLC, Invenergy, Korea East-West Power, Laborelec (a division of GDF Suez), Scottish and Southern Energy, Taiwan Power Company, TransAlta, Zhejiang Energy, and other companies with operations in over twenty countries, including Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Egypt, France, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, The Netherlands, Philippines, Republic of Korea, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, the United Kingdom, United States, and the Virgin Islands.

“There are no welcome surprises when it comes to critical equipment; that’s the common denominator driving adoption of our Predictive Diagnostic solutions. Our engineers work closely with energy producers on every continent, since demand for improved availability and reliability and increased production efficiency knows no borders. We help our customers transform from reactive and time-based maintenance to proactive and predictive maintenance,” notes SmartSignal CEO Jim Gagnard.

In 2009, SmartSignal presented at the ICONE conference in Brussels and the annual AID Corporation PASAMO conference in Seoul, Republic of Korea. SmartSignal also was honored, along with customer Entergy Nuclear, by Power Gen International as one of 2009’s top international nuclear plant projects. In February 2010, SmartSignal was named a “Super Champion” by the world’s oldest and foremost combustion turbine Users Group, the Combustion Turbine Operations Task Force (CTOTF).  And, SmartSignal was featured at the 2010 SPE Biennial lntelligent Energy Conference in The Netherlands in March 2010.

SmartSignal has expanded its offices throughout Europe, to France, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom, and other established and emerging energy markets. And it partners with international firms including Accenture, AID Corporation, Caterpillar, Changgeng, IBM, Indra, Marubeni, Microsoft, and OSIsoft.
Since mid-2009, SmartSignal has introduced:

EPI*Center 3.0, a new release of its flagship EPI*Center, which includes new fully internationalized applications that broadly expand ease-of-use. Applications and data can be viewed in customers’ native languages, and multi-nationals even can access the solution in multiple languages.

SHIELD, the world’s first Predictive Diagnostics solution, which goes beyond Predictive Analytics to identify apparent causes and priorities of impending equipment failures.

Connector, a comprehensive, bi-directional link between EPI*Center and the OSIsoft PI System, which allows PI users worldwide to access SmartSignal intelligence directly in PI ProcessBook and PI WebParts screens.

CycleWatch, a software solution that flags equipment and process problems revealed during CT startup cycles.

SHIELD and CycleWatch are available on a controlled basis in international markets, with general availability in the first half of 2011.

About SmartSignal

SmartSignal is the industry leader in providing Predictive Diagnostic software and services to help users avoid surprise equipment failures. With SmartSignal, users detect problems before they grow large or catastrophic and transform from reactive maintenance to a more proactive maintenance process. SmartSignal helps users reduce risk and optimize their resources; SmartSignal integrates into their enterprises so they can further innovate. SmartSignal has monitored more than 12,000 rotating and non-rotating assets for dozens of leaders across multiple industries for over 11 years. After identifying tens of thousands of developing equipment failures and thousands of operational errors, SmartSignal has proven itself to be the worldwide leader and innovator in Predictive Diagnostics for equipment health.  A Microsoft Gold Partner, SmartSignal and its customers have won over twenty awards for excellence, including an international Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award.

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