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SPI Continues Pursuit of Zero Waste with Launch of Capital Asset Management Services

By partnering with Meadoworks, a global leader in the selling of used plastics machinery, SPI is now able to deliver a single platform where manufacturers can appraise their assets, dismantle and remove obsolete equipment, and even find a new home for used equipment.

“The success of the entire plastics industry depends on the success of today’s manufacturing equipment,” said William R. Carteaux, SPI’s president and CEO. “As companies continues to grow, so too must the technology they use.”

“While participating in this program makes good business sense for today, it also helps ensure our competitiveness in the future,” he explained. Every time a company takes advantage of Capital Asset Management Services, a portion of the transaction goes back to SPI to directly support the association’s work in Washington, DC, as they promote and defend the plastics industry while opening new channels and opportunities for global growth.

Participation in Capital Asset Management Services allows for the ability to buy and sell used equipment through a marketplace that is exclusively dedicated to the plastic processing industry. “The key advantage of this program,” said Brian Walsh, president of Meadoworks, “is that you don’t have to be an expert in asset management to benefit from expert knowledge. From the moment you decide to be a part of the marketplace, everything from valuation to marketing and eventually removal will be taken care of for you.”

The “trade in & trade up” concept is one that has largely eluded plastics processors because of the lack of a centralized marketplace. Capital Asset Management Services fills this void and meet the needs of buyers and sellers around the world while simultaneously supporting the industry’s own sustainability initiatives.

To learn more about Capital Asset Management Services’ solutions and how to sign up, visit,

About SPI

Founded in 1937, SPI: The Plastics Industry Trade Association promotes growth in the $373 billion U.S. plastics industry. Representing nearly 900,000 American workers in the third largest U.S. manufacturing industry, SPI delivers legislative and regulatory advocacy, market research, industry promotion and the fostering of business relationships and zero waste strategies. SPI also owns and produces the international NPE trade show. All profits from NPE are reinvested into SPI’s industry services. Find SPI online at and

About Meadoworks

Meadoworks is a global asset management firm that specializes in serving the plastics industry. We’ve been in business since 1971, and have earned a reputation for both performance and customer service.

As one of the only North American resale firms with expert knowledge of plastics equipment and the plastics industry market, were able to get our manufacturer clients higher returns on their surplus equipment than our generic competitors.  Find Meadoworks online at
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