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WorkTech Helps California Water District Save Thousands

West Somerville, MA, —(—In a time when government is trying to demonstrate great fiscal constraint, Work Technology Corporation, a pioneer in enterprise asset management software, is helping municipal organizations like The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD) save hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

The 26-member consortium - which provides drinking water to nearly 18 million people in parts of Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, Riverside, San Bernadino, and Ventura counties—has saved thousands annually since MWD began implementing WorkTech’s QuickPick enhancement for IBM’s Maximo asset management software.

QuickPick is a value-add tool that integrates with Maximo that streamlines and simplifies Maximo implementations. Customers like MWD who deploy QuickPick save significant time and money by allowing users to add their own custom rules and validations into Maximo without resorting to costly software customizations. With the QuickPick Maximo add-on, users can configure their own validation rules. For over a decade, QuickPick has been helping companies and organizations ensure that the data that is entered is valid data, a resource saving measure.

Prior to implementing QuickPick, MWD officials found that much of the data entering the system was unreliable unless it was checked and verified manually, which resulted in a significant drain on resources. QuickPick allowed MWD to reduce the number of steps needed to create a work order from 20 to 8, a 60 percent overall reduction. The implementation of QuickPick into MWD’s Maximo software has helped MWD track over 100,000 work orders each year for an area that covers 5,200 square miles and contains over 1.7 billion gallons of treated water.

MWD chose WorkTech’s QuickPick during a consortium-wide search for a better method to improve its data validation process and ensure data integrity in Maximo 5. According to Steve Ma, Maximo MEA and Mobile Technology Project Manager, QuickPick has dramatically cut down on the time and resources needed to verify such data. Ma said that his organization saw a return on their QuickPick investment within a year.

“QuickPick has proven to be a great investment and has helped us reduce our upgrade implementation cost significantly, in addition to easing the implementation of Maximo,” said Ma.

For more about how QuickPick can help your organization, please contact Tom Frederick, COO at WorkTech, at 617-625-5888 x14 or e-mail

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