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Ounce of Prevention Software releases Web-enabled hybrid version of OZ CMMS

John Urbaniak of Ounce of Prevention Software stated: “It was time. It was a natural progression. We have a very diverse customer base from a wide range of industries and facilities and in talking with them, one of the things we found is, there is a trend where management is trying to save time and money by having everyone enter their own work orders and completion information. But that causes problems with “too many cooks spoiling the stew.” You end up with duplicate parts, equipment, etc. and you find things like ‘John Smith, J Smith, J. Smith, Smith, J., Smith, John.” When you get a report, the computer has no idea these are all the same person!

Our web-enabled hybrid solution solves these problems. It keeps the data secure because the web users choose from dropdown boxes to select equipment, parts, etc., but can enter the work needed freeform. It makes data available, on-demand, by management and by other interested parties. Our web-hybrid is the best of both worlds. It saves time. It saves the company from having to purchase licenses for employees who need only limited access to the system, so it saves the company money.”

The “Oz” CMMS is feature rich and includes interactive modules for Equipment, Parts, Vendors, Labor, Parts, Tools, Scheduling, Active Work Orders, History, Purchasing, Receiving and Reports. It also has Graphs and Charts.

When asked, “What does Ounce of Prevention mean by “Web-enabled hybrid?”, it was explained like this: “‘Oz’ is not just another Web system, where you pay for timeshare, your data is stored offline and you access it through the web; With “Oz” you do not pay for timeshare and your data is stored on your own standalone server that can be used without the web, administered by one main user or with clients. The web features allow more people to access the information stored in the ‘Oz’ database and submit work requests/orders and completion information at less expense.

‘Oz’ was always a good value, but the added web-features make it an even better value. So far, we’ve had nothing but positive feedback.; the customers like it.”

Many of the “Oz” users are already using the Web-enabled hybrid. 

“Oz” CMMS changes are featured on Aviar’s webpage

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