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Designing for Reliability

Designing for Reliability

TRC-2018 Rap Talk - 18:52

by Ramesh Gulati, Jacobs

Most of the asset fail during operation, or defects which cause failures, get detected during the operational phase. What and who cause these...

MaximoWorld In Action Panel and Closing

Maximo In Action and Closing

MaximoWorld Action Panel and Closing - 38:32

Join representatives from IBM, Aquitas Solutions, Cohesive Solutions, EDI, Projetech, Reliabilityweb.com and more, as well as, key members if the...

0-60 from Paper to Maximo on the Cloud

0-60 from Paper to Maximo on the Cloud

MaximoWorld Cloud Summit - 37:06

by Brian Harrison and Erica Powell, Projetech

This presentation covers the City of Pompano Beach’s’ journey to be the first utility in the Southeast to implement...